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What if there was a secret cologne that gets women HOT for you?


Something they don’t want you to know!


You’ve probably already heard about pheromones, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or spending all your time watching porn. You might have even ventured into the waters and bought some stuff marketed as real pheromones. Like most guys looking to get laid you’re willing to invest the time and effort into yourself, but are tired of getting ripped off.


It’s no wonder, as a guy who knows all to well from years of personal experiences, there’s something stinky going on.  What I’m about to tell you will piss you off as much as it did me.


  • 99% of pheromone products are made with very little pheromones to maximize profits.
  • Most blends only have one or a combination of four common pheromones.
  • Most other companies don’t even list ingredients at all
  • Made by guys with NO pheromone experience at all
  • Backed by studies that don’t exist
  • Pheromone ratios that are counter-effective to results
  • The list goes on and on



Discover what thousands of men already know and use everyday to get laid!


Introducing EvolveXS Pheromone Spray for men. Its the worlds only pheromone spray developed by a real pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist designed specifically for one reason: To Get You Laid!


My name is Steve Osborn, but my friends call me Steve O. I remember when I was a chubby pimply-faced kid living in Germany. I didn’t speak the language and if that wasn’t bad enough I had crippling anxiety around pretty girls. In my mind I’d be better off not talking to girls at all rather than the potential of being rejected.


Somehow, perhaps complete dumb luck, I happened to be meet a beautiful blue-eyed blond girl. She LIKED me! It might have been my awkwardness, or maybe she just felt safe with me. At the time I really thought being the nice guy finally paid off.


She introduced me to experiences that ROCKED my world! Her passion for SEX was matched by my sex drive. I would have been happy just being next to her, let alone NAKED. As a teenaged boy I was always in search for sex and to finally be having sex with a girl who actually wanted it as much as me was a pure miracle. When she left me for another man, I was right back to where I started: Watching porn, waiting for my luck to change.


Lets face it, a pimply faced chubby kid considers himself lucky if his best friends girlfriend looks good enough so he has fresh material to jerk off to. We’ve all been there and I know, it sucks.


I wondered why some guys didn’t need luck at all at getting lucky. It was is if they had some magic wand they could just wave at girls who’d shed their clothes instantly. That’s exactly why I spent years researching the right things to say, how to approach, psychology, the science of getting the girl.


Imagine having a potion you can wear just like cologne that has every girl you meet HOT for you.


After many years of trial and error, spending a small fortune on pheromones from other companies, I knew the time was ripe for change. I was tired of hearing about the promises, the guarantees, about how pheromones were subtle, about me having to do my part. I mean what good is a pheromone product that you still have to have solid game and look like a rock star?


I was fed up, but I was also motivated. I knew there was real legitimate science behind pheromones, knew there were real products out there. I also understood that if you could get something to work with subtle results, than I could get it to work with in your face results.


The companies who had been creating the most popular blends only had profits in mind. All my many years of researching pheromone molecules, how they interacted with each other, how to make blends that worked with in your face results, gave me the advantage. I was creating blends for myself and when my friends saw my results they practically begged me to give them my magic cologne.


I’m not going to tell you that pheromones will break someones free will, but I will tell you EvolveXS works every time, without discrimination. If you can say start a conversation, EvolveXS pheromone spray for men will get her hot.


I’m not going to tell you that you need solid game, but I will tell you if you with a bit of involvement on your part EvolveXS will get her hot.


I’m not going to tell you she is going to take her clothes off right then and there, but I will tell you with EvolveXS you have “double the opportunity” for her to want you than without it.


Can you see the pattern emerging?

Why you have everything to lose by choosing the wrong pheromone blend!


As a pheromone enthusiast and hobbyist I learned how to properly temper blends to give you maximum results. Most pheromone blends on the market today use a combination of four of the most popular pheromone molecules.


These four Molecules are

Androstenone: Sexual Aggression

Androsterone: Alpha Dominant

Alpha-Androstenol: Social friends

Androstadienone: Comfort


However when I researched a little bit further than the very basics I discovered Androstenone when not properly tempered caused more aggression than sexuality. To much and it comes over as if you’re waving your penis around. Not ideal for any situation.


Androsterone was more dominant stand offish behavior than alpha. A shy guy would come over as a complete stuck-up tool and a confident guy would present himself as arrogant.


Most pheromone companies would add Alpha-Androstenol because they assumed the social aspects would soften the above adverse affects. If they had used their own products they would understand that to much social and you come across as perfect lets just be friend material. Not what any guy ever wants to hear!


I saved the best for last. Androstadienone, creates a closeness and comfort in women, but in guys it depresses them so if they do leave the house they’d rather sit in the corner and not speak to anyone.


I think the picture is becoming very clear.


The revolutionary pheromone blend designed by a real pheromone user designed with one goal in mind: Real world results.


From personal experimentation in real world scenarios, I was able to properly blend pheromone molecules with positive results. I discovered there were dozens of human pheromones and have been able to temper any adverse effects so you can now have in your face results. EvolveXS gets you the results you want and all you need is one spray.


Now you can take advantage of a true pheromone enthusiast and hobbyists personal formulas to get the results you deserve.


You have everything to gain!




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